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Fantasy Implants

There was an old implants thread here which asked about what new implants people wanted.

However, NewSith mentioned how telekinesis was unrealistic. Not sure if he meant in the real world or in the Planetside world. However, I was thinking and we have magical implants to explain away such ideas.

So this brings up the idea of fantasy. Normally it's a separate concept from science fiction, but the two sometimes overlap like in Star Wars. How would you guys feel about fantasy implants that directly use the stamina bar like a mana/energy bar. I don't think this has been utilized much in an FPS game.

Some ideas off the top of my head would be like a directed EMP implant that would cost say 70 stamina to knock out a target for 5 seconds or disable deployables.

Relating to the telekinesis you could have the ability to grab tank shells out of the air and redirect them toward enemies for a large stamina cost. Imagine someone launching a decimator at a friendly max and you grabbed it and threw it at an enemy or simply protected yourself from a one-hit tank shell.

Also if nanites inhabit the world they could be controlled via an implant to do things as an explanation. Manifesting a deployable wall that comes out of the ground for a few seconds for instance.

Another one would be a medic class implant for area of healing using the stamina bar rather than the normal methods of healing. This is similar to the regeneration implant but for others that is faster and drains more stamina.

Note, I'm not suggesting things like a fireball implant with an upgraded skill-tree. Not a fan of weapon implants. Would be interesting to see an implant that forced a person to holster their weapons to use though.

Also I know I'm not one for shying away from controversial topics so if you feel that this idea is too RPG related for an FPS just say so or say what kinds of things you would hate to see.

Any other ideas?
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