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Re: Subscription What we get & want.

Using megamold's and others idea's I think the fairest system that I'd like would be:
Membership, $10 or $15
  • Normal XP/Cert Training
  • Same money also put in Station Cash
  • Whatever your primary character's faction is on a server two other characters with the same name are created on the server for the opposing faction and are usable. They receive the same cert experience as the primary character. If Membership is lost the two other faction characters are locked and only the primary faction character is accessible. A 30 minute timer is used to delay instant switching. (This is a convenience feature so that 3 accounts are not required to fully experience the game's 3 factions).
  • Larger resource cap?
  • Highest queue priority

Premium, Buy X amount of Station Cash
  • Slower (like 50%) XP/Cert Training
  • Larger resource cap?
  • Medium queue priority

Free Account
  • Slower (like 25%) XP/Cert Training

Also an ability for all:
  • Can use Station Cash to transfer primary character on a server to another faction. Does not reset training for that faction's character. If a character is transferred to a new faction that the character name has never been used on they receive cert training time equal to their previous character that they can then spend. Once unlocked though the changes are final.

Notice how I kept the resources system identical for both. I believe this will be extremely important to the balance of the game. I'll be using a subscription probably, but I want the resource system to be independent. Mostly because I want it to be a legitimate way to fairly get power in the game for playing. So if a sidegrade/upgrade cost 200 resources I don't want someone to feel like they're cheated because someone else is pulling an awesome vehicle every spawn while they're forced to wait.

That would keep me paying a subscription. The last thing that I'd suggest and this is controversial probably for SOE, but for anyone that has paid for so many years of membership (say 3 years) would unlock the membership features on their account forever minus the Station Cash perk. No one would know or see this, but their account would switch to "Veteran Status" in their account info for Planetside 2. Then if they wanted to buy things they could just use Station Cash like normal without the need for a continued membership. Basically a reward for long time supporters of the game.

So basically anyone that was already planning to spend as much as the membership fee is would just grab a membership account with no downsides. F2P players could play the game unhindered by a player's membership status since resources couldn't be gained any faster. Their choices for what they could spend their resources on might just be smaller unless they play for a longer time to unlock certs.

// edit added queue priority.

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