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Originally Posted by SKYeXile View Post
Been a "good" player in a game nobody else plays means you're probably only average in a more popular game, its why you choose the lesser known titles to feel like a big fish in a small pond.

Many people are not playing these "obscure" games for a reason: It's too hard for them. The learning curve is ridiculously steep, something the average Joe doesn't want to climb, thus the level of skill required to compete with the best is something they never attain.

Someone who is ridiculously good at Team Fortress Classic or Fortress Forever would completely trash everyone in a game of Team Fortress 2, because TF2 is a very simple game compared to the other TF games.

If a TF2 player tried to play TFC or FF, they would get annihilated because if they had the skill to not get annihilated in the first place, they wouldn't be playing TF2 and would instead be playing the better games.

I, and many of these other people that play these less popular games, play them because the mainstream titles are too easy and boring for us. We play harder games because we like the challenge and depth they provide.
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