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BE: It brings in some investment on the player’s part because if they want the game to be a game they’d like to play, then it’s on them to let you guys know. Since you brought up the UI, are there any plans to enable players to create their own UI mods?

MH: We’ve talked so much about that, and it’s something we really definitely want to be able to do. I’m not sure if that’s going to be technically feasible when we ship, but it’s something we absolutely want to do in the future. One of the things that we’re gonna do is have a UI customization screen where you’re able to drag around all of the UI elements, be able to select where they’re going to be on the screen, scale them up and down, and those kinds of things.

That’s where we’ll probably be at ship, but post-launch, it’s always a possibility to allow people to put in their own customizable mods. We use Scale Farm for our UI, which is Flash, so anybody who knows how to make Flash movies is going to be able to put stuff that they can plug into the UI. We just need to actually make some of the API calls publicly available, and people can make their own UI mods.
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