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Re: Low FPS? Ailos' guide to having a better experience.

Originally Posted by Ailos View Post
My current personal experience is that you need Intel HD4000 to run the game more or less pleasantly. I would like to commend your outfit mate for getting the game playable on your hardware, and would in fact encourage you to post those useroptions.ini here so that I could possible update the guide with them.

Beyond that though, I don't think we can do much to push your frame rates higher. Intel HD 3000 just isn't a potent enough graphics engine to do much more beyond rendering HD video playback.
1. Go into the ingame settings and set Overall Quality to Low then change it to Custom.
2. Find and open Useroptions.ini in the newly opened folder and make and save the following changes:




This will turn off shadows, vsync, cap fps at 61, give you fewer voice channels and disable a bunch of the little incidental plants.

4. Launch the game and at the character select screen start the Task Manager! (ctrl+alt+delete).

5. Click show all processes for all users and find Planetside2.exe, right click it and set priority to HIGH!!!
((WARNING. This might not help. Or it might cause stability problems. Use at own risk))

- Also try forcing Triple Buffering and Threaded Optimization in your gpu's control panel.
- Changing graphics settings in-game (particularly overall quality settings and shadows) will usually cause an ini reset. So try and do all your tweaking from the ini file.
- set Useroptions.ini to read only when finished tweaking so that the game doesn't accidentally turn shadows back on or some shit.
- Change texture quality to high if you have 1GB of VRAM and 4GB of RAM without fps loss.

- If you have a decent rig and are still getting bad performance even on medium/low, then try some of the tweaks in this "Ultra config" file:

Originally Posted by Donefore View Post
If I were you I would run all at LOW

Not the best Puter you have there
Well actually once I changed my UserOptions.ini file options listed above I'm able to run about 30 fps on High settings lol.
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