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THIS IS NOT MY IDEA, TerraxNovae made a very good post on the subject and im transplanting it

Ok, I have to retype a lot of shit, dropped my mouse and fucked it all up.

Here we go.

3 characteristics at 5 per


Suffice to say, 5^3 = 125 combinations

I'm going to go through a very complex setup now, somthing I hope Planetside will have.

Sexes = 2 (if you don't know why, please go repeat 6th grade PE and Sex Ed.)
Eye colors = 5 Blue Brown Green Gray and Violet (rare but documented)
Skin Tones = 6 Ranging from White (pale) through Tanned etc... to Dark Brown (the guys who make powered down TV screens look gray)
Hair Styles = 10, with everyone having SOME hair.
Hair Colors = 12, the basic Blond, Brown, Black, and Red, with the Anime colors Red, Orange (internatonal "Don't shoot me Orange" hair... Sniper target if you ask me ), Yellow, Bright Green, Forest Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.
Facial Features = 10 sets per sex.
Facial Tattoos = 24 + option for none. There are reasons I went with this instead of facial hair, and made it seperate from facial features. Basically it works with both sexes, it helps personalize the avatar, it works through visors, and it should make the largest impact with the smallest amount of graphical space.

Doesn't sound like enough? Think you'll look around and say "I had that avatar first!" do you? Well lets see...
Here's the numbers


So using the system above

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Male, Blue Eyes, White (pale), Default Features, Military Buzz, Blond Hair, No tattoo. (Your basic Nazi Superman, a real zero)
0 0 0 0 0 0 24 Same phenotype run through the gamut of tatoos.

so 25 variations on a theme,

x 12 Hair Colors
x 10 Hair Styles
x 10 Facial Features
x 6 Skin Tones
x 5 Eye Colors
x 2 Sexes

(all of this info can be communicated Server to Client in >20 bytes, for those 56ker's who are worried about the complexity already. For comparison, it will take more than that just to send the NAME of most avatars.)

Final total:


UNIQUE Avatars.

For comparison, thats enough to give everyone on the 3 start up servers, maxed out at the highest mentioned number (10k), 8 active characters, EACH with an unique avatar.

Oh... and thats with everyone having the same eye color.

Add in visible implants (instead of subbing them in for some of the tattoo options) you increase the number of possible avatars exponentially.

I think something like this might just work for PS.

(edit, took out a few spaces I added to seperate...
Just to repeat, NOT MY IDEA, credit goes to TerraxNovae
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