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There's a prospective medic sitting right here ...

I got the impression that being a Medic would be very popular. The only downfall is that you might not be able to pilot that lovely Galaxy later in life

Like RocketFodder said, they are equally useful in combat so if a squad wants to kill more things quicker they may as well hire a medic as readily as any other profession. The added bonus for them is that they stay in the fight for longer and may rejoin it quicker, in turn gaining more BEPs for themselves (and making the squad leader's chances of CEPs higher).

The benefit for the medic is that they can heal themselves on the move. They can offer more support to their comrades who will help to protect them as they are healed. The squad that the medic is affiliated with will in turn gain more BEPs for being in the action for so long (and so the value of the medic's share will rise). If you are a commander (right here), then keeping your troops in the fight is vital.

There will surely be a use for medics in game
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