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Originally Posted by LNS0388
I agree that the secondary fire should be taken out.

As for my credentials, I also play Terran so don't accuse me of being biased. I've had the jackhammer for a little under a week and I'm probably going to decert it today because it is generally useless for the role I want to play, Pilot and Support.
I think most of us play more than one empire, but I also think that just about all of us are biased towards the empire we play the most. Heck, I think it's imperative to play multiple empires to truly have any idea what is/isn't overpowered. I know I used to think the Striker wasn't too powerful against air until I played the AA MAXs for a while and realized how much more potent the Striker was than they were.

The impression one gets from seeing threads like these is that if a weapon is under scrutiny then the people who normally play the empire which benefits from that weapon will swoop in with a staunch defense of it. It happened with the Striker, it happened with the uberLasher (and the poor VS did get screwed only having it for 2 weeks in that buffed out state, the other empires have gotten to enjoy their overpowered stuff for much longer before it got yanked), and it happened/happens with the Jackhammer. It's the circle of life.
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