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Re: Is nobody else depressed about having 3 factions again? Wouldn't 0, 2,or 4 be bet

Originally Posted by Serisno View Post
I haven't met a single person that says they enjoy the 3 faction system.

I don't think I need to look very far to find arguments for why the three faction system doesn't make for funtimes.

The 3 faction system has proven itself ineffective. It either devolves into a pointless three way stale mate, with minimal progress being made by any one side.

Or it causes one faction to fight two separate battles on two separate fronts... not much fun.

Whenever one faction makes too much progress, the other two can easily focus fire them for a while until they back down. So unless one faction can take on BOTH other factions at the same time... there's no point in conquest. A la Planetside.

There is a possibility to have three separate battles happening simultaneously. One between faction A-B, B-C, and C-A. But this requires that all three factions have the ability to pop lock TWO battlezones. And if all three factions can't fully support two separate battles. Then we'll revert to the scenarios described above in the cons.

Any ideas?

My two thoughts. Make the world more like Eve did. (There are different factions, but they aren't automatically allied to all other members of their faction. This would allow people to form their own factions and alliances like in Eve.)

Or make an even number of factions.

I'm tired of using tactics and strategy to outsmart my enemy and push the tide of battle forward... only to see the third faction start capping towers behind me...

You obviously didnt think this one throu really:

2 factions: always a stalemate. Breaking out of it is almost impossible.

3: If a stalemate develops between 2 factions, the third one is just going to screw everything up. In fact, the entire war balances itself, with the strongest faction being the target of the other two until one of those weaker two becomes the new strongest faction. It works perfectly, in so many games.

4+ factions: At this point, it starts to become a clusterfuck. Fights would be completly unpredictable, and every now and then 3 factions would fight against one, making that one loosing left and right pretty fast. Besides that, more factions means less players per faction.

3 is the perfect number, always has and always will be.

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