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Fortunately it should be much easier to get people to check the game out without a bunch of conditions in the way...We do all need to get word out about this as well as we can though, otherwise the population will fizzle out...again, and if it flatlines it is nothing short of hell to kickstart again, as we've seen.

Perhaps we could all decide on a weekly event of sorts, and mention it when we bring up the game to people? having a weekly event should at least help keep the population from dying off fully. I think we tried that before and it admittedly didn't work as well as we would have liked, but I think keeping it in mind and mentioning it to new players may well improve its chances of success.

Personally I also feel that getting people into outfits would help player retention as well, as it makes them more invested in the game. It will give them a group to run with, and new friends, new reasons for them to stick around and keep coming back. I strongly feel it would be worth considering.

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