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Hey guy's, just saw this thread about the decals, and thought I would reply. Thanks to those that said that they liked them, I spent a good long week getting them replaced with the old decals we had in game, as many didn't like them. There is a limited amount of logo's, as texture budget is something we were concerned about, along with the fact that I can only draw so fast The decals actually do stand out from other mapped textures pretty well white bear, and using complimentary colors arent possible, as other teams are using those colors. Also, having player created art causes alot of problems, either the fact that if you do use player art, every player then feels his art should be in game. Or the fact that your dealing with 3000 players, compared to 32 players such as in counter strike, making every player have to download anothers outfit decal, slowing things down So needless to say, I'm fine with creating more outfit logos, if I am assigned to do so. But there is alot more things on our list to do, that I think you guys might appreciate more...hehe, and no I won't give you a hint to what those are. Hope this clears up some questions, and I'll see you guys in game.
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