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Originally Posted by Xenostalker View Post
I agree with said hope. Ruins any attempt at fortifying a position without any real effort (point laser and press mouse button).

If you want to destroy a position, get some liberators and form a bombing run - this is effort.

Actually. OS is a terrible gameplay element. I hate seeing it in PS1 as it is.
While I agree I think it could still be a fun mechanic as long as the OS is limited in it's use. And, there's no hope for not having it cause they already said it will be back....

From the PS2 Info Thread:

How will the Command System function? Commanding is not based on command rank like in Planetside. Rather commanding is based upon a cert tree within all of the other certifications. In order to be a deeply specialized commander you need to give up some other perks. Also, squad leaders and commanders will be able to create “missions (think quests from an RPG) that average players can follow in order to receive bonus experience. The orbital strike is making a return.
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