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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Jaamaw came to me and asked, "We're doing the Community Clash and it's going to be 48 VS 48 on the Nexus and I'd like your air crew to join us. I have 36 and need a full squad of your guys . This will be a fun scrim". Jaamaw and I have been working together for months on Mattherson in an unofficial capacity (usually via in game command chat/voice) and even shared some good laughs at SOE Live. He actually got accused of hacking twice while gunning for me on SOE's PC's.

I was excited to be involved because as the leader of a small air cav outfit I knew we couldn't compete with such small numbers on our own only from the air. I never once read any rules about the event until I was linked them during a TS chat with the leaders of all four outfits and Torkz. I just knew Jaamaw wanted me and my guys to support NNG. We support NNG regularly on Mattherson and it's a blast. I've never even watched one of the CC events but had heard good things Deringer, Torkz, and others were doing.

The instant I was asked I knew the exact crew of guys I wanted to bring. I knew the Liberator crews down to their exact load outs and exactly who my scythe pilots would be and who would be doing the talking. No one would using A2A missiles which I asked to be included in the rules but we could not all agree on that. C'est la vie. Any pilot worth his salt knows A2A missiles are zero skill and lame.

Most of my outfit plays multiple factions. Some are dedicated VS like Aarth and some play NC/TR also. In fact, a lot of them played TR before they went to NC. One reason we play multiple factions is to play AGAINST each other. You don't get better by playing scrubs so when we fight against our own guys we're flying against some of the best. I'm scared of my own guys in the air and playing against them makes me better.

I was told late that we all had to be in the same outfit and most were but a few weren't so we had to add them late. Again I never read the rules and figured I would be told anything I needed to know in our meeting on TS. This 'rule' was not brought up in the TS meeting.

We've been discussing our 'team' a lot since the MLG talk has ramped up and many of us have been flying together since launch on multiple factions. When VS is way over pop we go play TR/NC, and the other way around.

As far as the scrim goes, most of TGWW hadn't even seen the nexus till the night of the match yet MERC/TxR had already scrim'd on that map. To say we were at a disadvantage is an understatement.

This was a scrim, not an MLG match, and to see this whining is absolutely ridiculous. Someone could have come to me directly as the leader of TGWW but instead you take up your issue on a forum which is childish.

It is my fault and no one else's for not reading the rule set ahead of time. We showed up completely blind on a map most had never seen to fight a fun scrim. Had I known about the 'outfit only' rule I would have invited the ones without outfit tags right away. There are several guys in TGWW that aren't MLG ready and are still working on their flying skills. The guys you saw are my crew and that's the simple fact. If we fight in a scrim again you're going to see the same guys except this time we'll actually be prepared. If you think that scrim was dominated by my air crew, wait till it happens again and we're actually prepared.

We didn't have a single practice, we hadn't seen the map, we've never once had a scrim anywhere, at any time, and our entire strategy was in one tiny graphic that I made to show where people should stand in the warpgate. We didn't even know the names of the bases so we numbered them the same as your keypad. You'd hear guys on TS yelling, "GO TO BASE 7!!"

Wanna know our secret tactic? "Kill SNAFU/NAPOOPAN/MAGNIFISCENT first, don't over commit, listen to Nate, don't talk too much." Imagine how different it would be if we actually had time to practice...or better yet, had actually seen the map.

I sincerely apologize personally to MERC/TxR for not having my 'crew' all with outfit tags before I was even asked to be involved in the event. Had I known ahead of time there would be no confusion. I had a couple guys that didn't even have the test server installed till the day of the event. My gunner had zero resources so if we died he couldn't pull us another Liberator and didn't have any consumables. 2 of my guys had uninstalled PS2 until such time as we needed them for an event. They're so sick of Strikers and bad frames they'd rather play other games until the ESF update and optimization pass.

So let's end the whining now. The team you saw was my Competitive TGWW Air Crew and that's a fact.

Look forward to doing it again and showing people what we're really capable of.

* Please excuse any typo's as I did this from my mobile device *
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