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Jax Blake
Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Thank you for clarifying the point from the TGWW point of view. If any of this came off as an excuse as to why we didn’t win the community clash then the message has been lost in translation since the overwhelming answer from the people in my outfit is that we lost the air battle and thus lost the match. Three or four people don’t win or lose an air battle when that many planes and random fire is involved no matter the weapon systems used.

The issue that I and a few others would like to hear directly from the Community Clash organizers about now pertains to what does a full time outfit member mean? Is it someone who regularly plays IN your outfit or someone who regularly plays WITH your outfit? The answer to that question can then brought up on the .CC forums which is where is where competitive questions at whatever level (MLG/Scrim/Etc.,) are better suited for discussion.
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