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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Rumblepit View Post
Outfit members only .... Im still unclear on how this can be misunderstood
I have heard it all in this thread now.

What players from other outfits and factions????
They been in our outfit for along time!!!
We only added them 24 hrs ago to avoid drama!!!
We are in different outfits but we have been playing with them for 9 months!!!!
We misunderstood the rules!!!

Did I forget any?

Read the rules again, and think about what the honor system is.

As for RCCC ...Its easy to make rules,but upholding them is the hard part.If you plan to continue these events you need to be able to manage them. As of now the rules mean nothing to these people. like they said its not mlg ,and this kind of thing will happen over and over again until it is addressed.
Torin is right, you aren't even worth it any more.

Also, if this were MLG, this would be a non-issue. Rosters are generally locked 24 hours before a match, and they don't give a shit who you add/remove, or what clan or outfit they are in, as long as they wear the proper tags when the match starts, and they were added to the roster at least 24 hours prior. (source, 3 years of competition with TWL, Cevo, and MLG.)
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