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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

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IMO, the air lock down by the VS made the match pretty boring in several places. Not sure exactly why the TR were unable to effectively counter; maybe resource limitation, maybe they were being taken out out of camera view. Many ground attempts by the TR were quickly eliminated by VS air. Boots on the ground and all out infantry fights make a better show. Again, my opinion and just a spectator.
No offense, but that was the fault of the camera crew. One of them admitted in the stream he didn't have a clue about air, and didn't know how to film it of the other broadcasters jokingly said to follow the explosions. Simple solution would be to have a new cameraman that knows how the air game works, and can effectively film that aspect of it. I assure you, it is VERY entertaining. (check youtube for any of our TGWW vids, or any NUC, QRY, Ironfist, ETC vids).
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