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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by kidriot View Post
Let me ask you guys this, if TR had won do you think the arguments posted in this thread would even exist? Go back to the drawing board, learn what you can from this match and move forward. That's what winners do every time they lose.
Nope. In fact I think I can speak for most of us (TGWW) when I say that I'm looking forward to the outfit that can beat us handily in the air. I know NUC has a lot of good Liberators (pilots and gunners) and some good ESF pilots. I am very interested to see how we will stack up in a 48v48.

We've been longing for some serious competition for a while now. We end up playing cross-faction against each other simply for a challenge, because when we roll together in public PS2, it's just a joke. I'm not trying to brag, but we throw too much skill and experience, and the average players just don't deal with it. 'Air zerg' is what it feels like, and half of us get bored, log out of VS, and log onto TR or NC to be competition.

I honestly don't know what the big deal is here. We fielded the guys we've been expecting to field for months now. We won a scrimmage. There will be many others. We didn't go around bragging about anything, flaunt anything. A very select few in MERC tried to rub our win in the mud, because they are sore losers. I don't blame all of MERC. I can understand legitimately the complaints. I can comprehend how it might appear sketchy. But to us, we just played with the guys we have played with for a great many months. Everything was on the up and up. I was looking forward to some interesting discourse/analysis on the topic, then this shit.

C'est la vie and all, I just hope we, as a community, can get past this petty sore loser bickering shit. We'll gladly go up against any outfit in Planetside 2, hopefully next time people won't be bitching when we field the same 15 guys.
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