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Hey guys... I'm new to the whole Planetside genre and all..

But I've been reading and watching live streams on the Alpha game on youtube.
I've been interested in this game since a few years ago when I was going to play Planetside 1 but instead playing bf2, CS:S and Cod competitively.

I've been really interested in the flying vehicles in this game and saw this outfit and was immediately interested in a flying only squadron.

I've been flying choppers and jets since bf2 came out in 2004 [i think] and I've been in competitive leagues for choppers as well. I have alot of experience flying in the battlefield series and I'm [guessing] the flying will be almost the same in Planetside, if so then I'll catch on pretty quick and I'll be able to be effective immediately.

I've requested to join the group on Facebook and I hope I get a beta key soon.

But just showing interest in this squadron!
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