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Re: New single person mechs designed from scratch for PS2

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post
I could take them or leave them honestly. I just dislike seeing such terrible arguments used for their exclusion (not yours specifically, just in this thread in general)

Keep in mind that while the very vocal minority here has daddy issues with father BFR, the vast majority of people playing PS2 probably won't have a clue what a BFR is. They'll think you're trying to reference Doom's BFG or something.

You could just as easily ask why they wanted to risk implenting Galaxies, Vanguards or Threshers again. There's nothing that makes mechs any more prone to imbalance than anything else...Especially in such a major redesign.

I'm going to try and put this to rest here.

Auraxis is not Earth, it's another planet...and it's not just any planet. It's a planet with native trees. Do you have any idea how unlikely it is that any other planet in the universe has trees? The mere existence of trees on another planet is so unfathomably unlikely that fathoming it would send you instantly insane, because the human brain isn't able to calculate such odds. If you knew half as much about how stupidly unrealistic having trees on Auraxis was as you did about the real-world pros and cons of mechs, both Planetside and it's sequel would become immediately unplayable for someone who has any issue with suspension of disbelief.

Now, not only does Auraxis laughably have trees, but do you know how we arrived there? Through a wormhole. That's right, we arrived through a goddamn wormhole. How utterly, stupidly, ridiculously impossible is that? The mere fact that we could in any way set foot on Auraxis requires a baffling amount of suspension of disbelief. We broke fucking physics to set foot on Auraxis...And did I mention there were trees?

Realism in Planetside is dead and gone. So, so gone. Long gone. GONE gone. It doesn't exist. If you can suspend your disbelief to such absurd lengths that you can play a game where humanity broke physics to arrive at a planet with trees (fucking trees!)...then mechs should be a cakewalk.
if you keep up with astrology tyhen you would knwo there are sevral earth like planets we know of all of which contain large landmasses, and oceans, in a solar system set up silimulre enough to our to actually have a possibility at containing life and some which are belived to have plant base life.

aside from alge, planets in our own solor system contain bacteria, if one can be present the idea of another is not so great. while i get your argument planetside is in itself not realistic, theres also a great air of realisim involved. all the vehicles in some form exsist in real life currently. we have hover crafts planes bombers tanks amphibious transports many of the weapons are similure to real life examples, with the exception of possibly vanu weaponry theres not much going for un realisim here. but a mech is not argued to not be used becaus eits unrealistic as in could not happen.

its unrealistic because it offer 0 advantage over other methods of movement. because no military woudl bother building something so insanely exspencive to offer 0 or in the absolute best case scenario a very very minor advantage, especially because the cost of a mech and the fragility of them makes them more akin to porcilin dolls then army equipment.
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