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Re: New single person mechs designed from scratch for PS2

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I would love to go into detail of all the ways mechs/bfrs ruined the first game but I suspect it would provoke a many 'tldr' response..

So to summarize, the bane they created was an atmosphere of mechwarrior whereby players aspired to be super bad ass mech pilots/warriors because of the prevailing "cool factor" and thus decline on other important duties. Planetside =/= Mechwarrior and never should it try to do so again..

Mechs as in just the idea of a mech ruined the game? Someone already mentioned this discussion seems to be more about the chassis decision and not about the weapons or balancing issues. This is leading me to a conclusion I kind of left out of the first post. So you don't like vehicles or chassis choices that are cool? The idea that a vehicle is cooler than others breaks the game by making favoritism? Ignoring the duties part, since PS has many solo vehicles/classes that work in a team-based environment and shooting down another idea for that reason is absurd, we could just look at what makes all the vehicles/classes in the game "not as cool as a mech".

I'm not sure I 100% agree with that conclusion that a mech is cooler than other vehicles. I find a liberator bomber just as cool as a mech honestly. (I'm an avid liberator/vulture user). I also find sniping and cloaking and just using a punisher cool because the gun is "cool" and complicated in that it has two firing modes. I never liked really using the Reaver or Mossy since I found them boring. Maybe others found them "cool" to use? I'm sure their skill trees might unlock some cool features for them maybe? Maybe they could have rockets that break into multiple rockets for ranged rocket attacks? There's a lot of "cool" ideas out there to make other vehicles interesting if you find them so much more lame than a mech.
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Because the argument being made was that mechs attract people to the game and I agree mechs attract someone who likes mechs but not necessarily someone who likes team based shooters.
He was saying people neglected their "duties" (errr..) in their pursuit of being a "cool" mech pilot. You could just as easily aim that criticism towards snipers, infiltrators, MAX users, pilots...
As I said I agree with his view that mechs attract someone who likes mechs but not necessarily someone who likes team based shooters.
Wow... okay I've read all of the posts until now (phone went dead in Chicago yesterday which stopped me from posting) and I'll kindly ignore the complaints of realism because some people want Planetside 2 to get rid of unrealistic gameplay features. Apparently that's important for a science-fiction game. (It is science-fiction right? Or are we getting rid of the fiction entirely?)

But picking out a chassis design and going "oh no that'll prohibit all forms of teamwork" is going a bit far. There's no possible way that a mech could work with other players? It's impossible to imagine a easily damaged mech staying near players providing assistance? Hell I've seen cloakers not wander away. I bet there were people complaining. "Oh no a cloaker would never revive another player. They'll just wander off and go solo the whole game). Same could be said for a bunch of other vehicles. I noticed someone mentioned the Skyguard in respect to the lightnining as a more team oriented vehicle with two people. It's honestly one of the easiest vehicle to use solo. You just get out on a hill and it's an uber AA turret. (I know because I used to do it to aim into bases). A lot of vehicles can be used in a way they weren't intended. It doesn't make them a horrible anti-teamwork gameplay feature. It's not like a mossy user that's picking off snipers is any less teamwork oriented than other players. In truth they're helping someone not die.

I digress, don't assume a vehicle will hurt teamwork without explaining why it would or how to design one that promotes teamwork and non-solo play. I tried to do that by explaining the easily damaged components that would make them easily get overwhelmed if they ventured off by themselves.
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