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Re: Confirmed: 9 Sanctuaries at launch.

Originally Posted by acosmo View Post
Thanks. I knew I couldn't be the only one who thinks it would be so much more fun than the proposed design.

From what I know of PS2 and what the dev's are doing, it seems as if their approach to beta is one of slowing down. What I mean is that they're going to release beta and it's going to be faster than it should be, even by their opinion. The faster speed and gameplay will bring out balance issues and gameplay flaws much faster than a slower game. Slowly, as the game becomes more polished, the devs will transition from a mindlessly contested and unmanageably volatile battle to something a little less twitch paced.

So this design, hopefully, is only for testing purposes.
Pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

There are alternatives to their current system, but giving each empire one foothold on one continent when there's three continents in total is a horrible idea.
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