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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
You're mostly paying the import costs.
No, we're mostly paying taxes actually. Around 60-65% in our case.

Gas prices internationally per gallon (may 3rd 2008 prices, but you catch the drift)

1. Bosnia $10,86
2. Eritrea $9,58
3. Norway $8,73
4. UK $8,38
5. Netherlands $8,37
6. Monaco $8,31
7. Iceland $8,28
8. Belgium $8,22
9. France $8,07
10. Germany $7,86
111. USA $3.45

So sorry if I don't feel bad about the US paying around $4 a gallon and will call anyone a whiner and spoiled brat if they do.

EDIT: And yes, a large portion of those taxes were implemented by socialists. We do have some of the best road, harbour and railway infrastructure in the world partially because of the added state income though (ranked 7th in the world by rediff business, after Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, UK, France and Switzerland)

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