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You realize I replied to the contents of the video right? You sound like someone who readily believes what they're told and only requires quick pieces of information and buzzwords to lock onto. That's fine if you are, but it makes you sound ignorant if you really think that video is targeting an actual problem that exists. If I was an oil company that's the kind of video I would make since it gives the intended audience an emotional attachment to the argument even if it's a red herring for a non-problem. Either that or it's advocating we no longer stress environmentalism in schools. You'd fit into the Ron Paul camp in eliminating the EPA and other "regulations" that hold back the oil industry. I mean they can't profit if we keep holding them responsible at the federal level.

There's that word again. Why must liberals always cast down people who don't agree with them.?

When you says dumbshit like "I'm not sure what the point of the video was" when it was clearly obvious it makes YOU sound ignorant, to use your words.

Its called the political DEBATE forum. Not the, Political "I can't form a proper argument so lets just call you dumb" forum.

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