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Re: Ressource colection % based on players population and contestation !

Originally Posted by Stew View Post
Thats nice but if there any mechanics thats will make (( empty regions ))to not worth it in the (( dead zone hours )) of a certain servers ?

So i mean no contestation will take a way to much time to cap the regions so that will not worth it so players will be concentrate mostly on regions thats actual figth take place ?
You're pretty caught up on what goes on during off-peak hours. You will ALWAYS have the late night crews that go around taking everything they can before a large amount of people are logged back on. On the other hand, it's likely that all three empires will have people like this. If there's a fight between them they'll get more resources than if they were to simply have taken the hex and gone onto the next with no fight at all. If they DO just go around taking hexes without anyone to stop them? Sure, they're going to get resources for it even if it's no where near as much as it would be during a fight. TBH it feels like you want resource gain to be turned off during off peak hours, which won't happen lol.

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Really? You need to take a few steps back and think before posting drivel like this. Either reply constructively or don't reply.
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