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Re: Ressource colection % based on players population and contestation !

I like where this is going. Helps address a multitude of issues elegantly and simply. Seems to me the only way to make resources matter but not completely make it one-sided. Sounds like those fighting would need to still be efficient with resources and manage them appropriately but they wont' be gimped.

This concept of "region" is new, which I expect is a set of territories. How many regions per continent? Is it one-facility-per-region, sort of like little capitals?

Since a given resource means different things for empires it makes sense that you would bundle the resources together into regions for the purpose of defining proximity and participation-based rewards.

Sort of like the old PS1 experience system and capture system. More people around and fighting = more xp for the capture/resecure. I always liked that concept, it scaled nicely and made those hard fought bases worth more. Awarding resources over time for participation in such battles makes sense too, otherwise we'd exhaust our supply and the battle would wind down to a lot of footzerging.

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