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Originally Posted by AuntLou View Post
I like it the average level requirement. I'll hop on tonight to kick my inactive newbs.

Not sure if I like how the calculations to work. I agree that it's averaged but it just seems there should be a minimum amount of players needed as well. Any 2 high level guys can make an outfit and poof top 10. Not a real big deal really but if your going to throw a minimum average level on it then a minimum number of players should be required as well. Maybe you should add a total XP as well??? An average is cool but it penalizes outfits willing to take on new players. If my outfit is going to be compared to 2 level 80s then I only want you to take our top 2 for comparison. See what I mean?
There was no minimum average score requirement, the board was just limited to the top 100 and there were more than 100 outfits with a higher score than yours. There are page numbers now.

We'll look into trying to figure out a way to balance things out with low member outfits.

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