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A little more information. My phone is set to install to SD card as default and indeed the PS2 Mobile app does respect that (I see 'Move to phone' in the application details, so it's on the SD card, rather than 'Move to SD' if it was on the main phone storage). After only installing, not running yet, it is taking up 5.00MB total/Application and 4.00KB data.

Now I run it and get a sequence of 'Loading <something>' messages at the bottom of the splash screen. I can see it's managing a ~2Mbps download (likely limited by by bandwidth shaping for my WiFi). Now I wait ...

... and wait ...

... and wait ...

ah finally the main page of things. Now the app's details show 24.34MB total, 5.00MB application and 19.34MB data. And my phone's internal storage is down from 55MB free to 32MB free.

Strangely this time, so far, it's actually working, unlike when I first tried it last night. Likely due to differences in other apps' use of system data space.

Now I can actually test it... WTF nothing when I hit my 'menu' button? No settings at all ? Which certainly means no option to store the data on SD card instead. Oh my god the slow scrolling. Aha, and after logging in, selecting my main character, and merely trying to scroll the list up and down a bit... Force Close. Yes, I'm filling in a report.
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