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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

Personally I like the bases that are:-
- not spread out, it's easy to get back into the action
- not chaotic, you need to be able to play the layout as well as have some kind
- separates vehicles from the infantry fights (and I think they should stop harassers going where they shouldn't)

So, I rule out bases like Amp Stations, too chaotic and spread out for me (the newer design is even more chaotic imho). It also rules out Andvari Frozen Reservoir for the same reasons.

I do like nearly all towers and nearly all Bio Labs. Towers produce a good fight no matter how many people are there but Bio's sometimes don't and when they do they are often over too quickly because of the daft short timer.

From my point of view the problem with the walls on Esamir are that stuff like finding your way in or out is hard. Something that can be fixed easily surely.

The bases I chose as my best three are:-
1. Snowsheer Watchtower - very often good fights and can be intense(I like attacking and defending)
2. Octagon - it's one of those where it needs quite a few people but when enough are there there are good fights. I like to two tier and the walls ofc.
3. Palos Solar Array - very good fights can occur. There are choke points and also the walls make LA a good option.
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