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Re: ReachCast Community Question #70 - "If you were John Smedley and you were making.

0. Amerish Lattice
1. Continent Locking/Continental Lattice
2. Resource Revamp
3. Benefits Revamp

I'm not mentioning continents, because that kind of content should be in "always high priority" list. What scares me though is that I believe adding lattice onto continents is going to be traditionally screwed up by SOE, with their unexplainable desire to simplify the game to dust.

As for benefits revamp - if resource revamp is to take place, some significant changes will have to be done to Base and Continental benefits. Discounts don't work with three types of resources, how do you think they're going to behave with one?

Lastly, I should point out that continental lattice will bring me back to PlanetSide 2, and I will stop pushing people away from it, like I already did with 3 potential PS2 players.

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Shields.. these are a decent compromise between the console jockeys that want recharging health, and the glorious pc gaming master race that generally doesn't.
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