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Re: ReachCast Community Question #70 - "If you were John Smedley and you were making.

Originally Posted by Deringer View Post
This week's ReachCast Community question is ...

“If you were John Smedley and you were making a top 3 list of items your Dev Team needed done ASAP what would they be?”

As always, respond here or e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (415)787-3224!
1) Priority on faction and gameplay balance as much as possible. Examples: Nerf that %^&*( AV Mana Turret range already. The .75 movement weapons still being abused to mess up hit registration.

2) Aggressive ban against hackers, exploiters and griefers (Examples: Fifth Column ***holes who use their alt character or accounts to team-kill and sabotage vehicles. Or scumbags pretending to 'repair' your Sundy, drop AV Mines while their friends from the other side C4 it simultaneously).

But then again these ***holes are predictable from the onset like from this old thread from August 2012:
Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
I'm not saying FF should be removed. It should be monitored closely and the ALTS should be tracked to their main account and have them all banned.
-There will be players using multiple accounts with multiple computers
-There will be players using big transports only to fly all over then crash it
-There will be players infiltrating factions and basically sabotage operations
-There will be players giving out wrong information on purpose
-There will be players "leading" mission with the intention for it to fail.
-There will be players rolling alt guilds just to clog up the other faction's numbers
etc. etc.
I've seen all that the last year on PS2, except for alt guilds clogging faction numbers because there's not really much players to do that.

3) Remove the No-Deploy-Zone or replace it with a Sunderer spawn jammer that once deployed can jam spawn Sundies from spawning players.

Perish any further gameplay interference mechanics from the Devs. The Developers are supposed to give us tools to fight and counter each other. Players have no interaction whatsoever with the NDZ. It's just there, magically. It's the invisible hands of the Devs that have no place in-game.

If they gave us Spawn Jammer Sunderers, we'll park them to block theirs.

They will have to blow it up if they want to keep respawning or
They will have to use other Sunderers as backup.

But here, you got added gameplay depth (thrust and parry, back and forth fights, measures and countermeasures).That's a whole lot better than arbitrarily marking the ground with circular no parking zones.
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