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Re: No wonder the world hates us

That's been an issue since the start of the war. :/ Problem is the locals are not allowed to prosecute them, or so I hear. Something the Bush administration arranged.

But that's not the only thing. The remainder is about misplaced arrogance. You think we're arrogant when we crit the US, but basically the arrogance is stating the US is supreme in everything - while it's not - and a lot of Americans being of the believe that the US runs the world and has every right to. Similarly, things like protectionism of own industry (like the steel industry) does not go down well, if the US in the meantime complains about other things.

Another thing is that the US expects to get the private info from every person travelling to the US, while refusing to return the favour for any US citizen travelling from the US, because that would be invading their privacy by a foreign country. Basically, the hypocrisy and lack of tact and concern for foreigners. I mean, Bush once made a comment where he called the War on Terror a type of crusade. Not even realising how sensitive the word crusade is in muslem countries, where he was sending his troops to fight terror. The stupidity and clumsiness of the US in foreign relations particularly under the Bush administration is tremendous. And I mean, just look at the "The Hague Invasion Act" for foreign policy mess ups. Pass a national law that says it's alright to invade your ally's seat of government with military force, just to spring US war crime suspects from jail?

It doesn't help that bureaus like Stanford's and Poor's etc have a clear bias for the US and seem to deliberately weaken the EU at every opportunity. Especially whenever a step is taken to correct something, instead of rewarding that and bring stability to the market, they punish it. While completely ignoring the state the US has been in for years (US credit should have a B- rating, rather than AAA...) and got worse due to the Reps blocking action.

It also doesn't help that the banking crisis was caused by the US.
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