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With Israël the problem the Arabs have is that the US supports Israël almost unconditionally and applies different humanitarian standards in what are crimes and terror. If the US was more critical and would react harsher to israeli oppression (like the wall), that'd help. They'd still be an ally of the enemy, but at least fair instead of acting biased out of holocaust guilt, lobby and cultural ties. Plus the (extremely) christian military presence on 'their' soil. Imagine if Russia had bases in Canada, or China on the border of Mexico.

Then there is the supporting of dictatorships like Egypt and other nations, just to not have communism or a population that may not like the US or Israel in charge. US hypocrisy, only spread democracy when it is in their interest. Bush Sr. call to rebel against Saddam and then not helping due to elections is also typical of this behaviour. Same for oil interest: Saudi-Arabian dictatorial and non-equality regime for instance.

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