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Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Can you imagine if that was the normal thing to do in their homeland? Car bombs and all are not felt as a justification by any innocent person and their family.

Fear and stooping down to terrorist level doesn't give you an ethical edge to wage war on terror. Plus Geneva conventions don't really allow this sort of thing. Sure, terrorists don't apply Geneva. But should the populace pay the price, or those trained and equiped to at least stand a chance? It's a lose-lose situation unfortunately.
Having people drive up to you and trigger a large bomb in their car is not a normal thing in most peoples homelands. It's better for everyone to keep a wide berth from the contractors because they are targets and the suicide bomber doesent give a shit if he takes a few civilians with him.

It's clearly not a polite thing to do and actually shooting a vehicle is taking it to the extreme.
If the guy in the video had actually wanted to kill the civilians he wouldnt be shooting their tires.
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