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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
And best of all - no tank can run from a prowler (except maybe a mag over a river). Speed means you can dictate engagements, and that's a poweful advantage in its own right. It can outrun the other tanks, which means it can escape and nothing can escape it.

That actually depends on if the speed differences are actually meaningful this time. they were only 3mph/5kph apart in ps1 which was completely meaningless. Even if you double that to 6mph/10kph its still meaningless. Run around in a a marauder and you quickly find that you have no real speed advantage versus a magrider. You are dead a zillion years before you can get enough distance with that negligable speed difference.

You need a bare minimum of a 30% difference before its even noticeable (even that isnt much) and you wont see anywhere near that difference between two vehicles of the same class esp since if they do it like ps1 you end up with 60% difference between the fastest and slowest tank. (for comparison thats only a 15kph boost over a 50kph tank for the 30% boost) Most likely we will see another cosmetic and pointless 5-10kph (3-6 mph) difference as the final number for only a 10-20 difference between slowest and fastest. *snore*

Which means the "speed advantage" tr would have would all be a complete load of BS. And so comparing it to real life faster tanks which can go massively faster than other tanks, and not a measly 3mph but 40+, just makes no sense at all. Realism and game balance dont mix in the slightest. You wont see variety in tanks like that, not when your empire is stuck with only that tank and you have to balance them versus each other in a variety of situations.
Waiting for the return of the superior, real PS style teamwork oriented vehicles with drivers not gunning, and in fixed vehicle slots so we can once again have real, epic, vehicle battles where the tanks actually move in combat rather than a silly 1700's era line up and shoot.
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