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Re: NC already have the buff

Originally Posted by biertrappist View Post
Having played PS1 for a few years first as NC then as VS, its important to listen what the devs are saying.

Now? Hmmm a dev posts the NC have harder hitting weapons and you just hope it isn't a big deal? I ask to enquire. If it's not a buff explain the relationship to the MCG & Lasher.

By raising the question, I hope rather to be told by devs what the trade off is. Do for example VS get accuracy and the TR rate of fire.

Perhaps devs might explain how they factor damage.

Point is, it is legitimate to ask what is meant by this. Frankly, the NC had the loudest voice in PS1 and generally got what they wanted. Let's recall the Lasher debacle.

So far from being alarmist I'm seeking an understanding from the devs why it shouldn't be considered a buff.
having played PS1 you will know that all NC weapons hit harder than their NC and TR counterparts.

as for the relation between the lasher and the MCG, they're both HA and their packets go awol all the time?

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