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Re: NC already have the buff

Originally Posted by Erendil View Post
If it helps, in an earlier thread I did a breakdown of general weapon characteristics for each empire based on a graph published in a recent PC Gamer UK article. I took the High/Medium/Low stats on their graph and replaced the color codes they gave us with grades A/B/C. I also added damage degradation as well based on what we know.
You should really use High/Med/Low because the A/B/C grade implies how good something is. "A" in recoil is not good; it's bad. It was confusing to me looking at the TR/NC because they appeared to be incorrect - they weren't its just the A/B/C thing wasn't a good mapping.

Here's the conversion
Accuracy = High
Recoil (Burst Fire) = High
Recoil (Sustained/continuous fire) = High
Rate of Fire = Med
Damage Per Shot = Med
Damage over Range (Degradation) = Low

Accuracy = Med
Recoil (Burst Fire) = High
Recoil (Sustained/continuous fire) = Low
Rate of Fire = High
Damage Per Shot = Low
Damage over Range (Degradation) = Med

Accuracy = Med
Recoil (Burst Fire) = Low
Recoil (Sustained/continuous fire) = High
Rate of Fire = Low
Damage Per Shot = High
Damage over Range (Degradation) = Med
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