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Re: Cockpit View - [Now Forced per Higby]

Originally Posted by elfailo View Post
I don't really mind the rest of your post, I'm picking out this sentence because it doesn't make any sense at all, and if people just keep repeating the same shit without reading the rest of the thread or letting sound arguments influence their opinion, others tend to get upset. It's like debating a stone wall.

Immersion is a totally subjective quality. You may find it hard to believe, but obstructions in my viewpane tend to make me feel less immersed in games in general. When I saw the early screenshots of Tribes Ascend I hated the size of weapons - they blocked half the screen. I wasn't even concerned with whether or not it would be balanced, I simply hate big obstructions. Hi-Rez has fixed it though, they're allowing people to use smaller weapon models. Most do, some don't. Nobody ever complains. Remember Pong...

Furthermore, if it's your personal preference, you don't need it to be forced to be able to use it. Cockpit view is going to be in, that's clear at this point, so you will be able to use it and feel more immersed by it regardless of whether other people use it or not. Forcing it only makes it so that those who don't share the same subjective experience as you, get something shoved down their throats that they don't like.

I addressed all the balance concerns already and, especially now that we'll get mouse-look, they have all turned out to be irrelevant. I can hardly imagine there's any other reason to force it.
The "personally" in my statement, kinda makes your post unecessary. It's just my opinion. It says nothing of anyone else's opinion. You also took it out of context, as my next statement provides an opposing opinion.
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