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Re: Cockpit View - [Now Forced per Higby]

Zooming is basically putting on blinders and is the same as if you had started obstructing the outside edges of the screen. The more you zoom the more of the outside edges are obstructed.

Zoomed HUD as you display it is inferior, but it depends on how much zoom. Losing a little bit of visibility on the sides to gain more center/bottom visibility may be a worthwhile tradeoff, but the more it zooms in the less worthwhile it gets. It doesn't take much of a zoom before it's strictly inferior.

If the Zoom was a toggle then it's essentially just like the zoom from PS1 you could do. It was situationally useful but flying around always zoomed was rather awkward and is like flying with blinders on.

The result is that people would use the cockpit view for everyday piloting and use the zoomed view when they wanted to hit a long range target more accurately.
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