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Re: Cockpit View - [Now Forced per Higby]

Originally Posted by Toppopia View Post
I have flown a WWII plane simulator, it was called "Combat Flight Simulator: Battle for Europe." Unfortunately the campaign was just a tad too hard as i would always get pushed back and lose, even if i won every battle, which i did. And only a few times i would fly 1st person view, because it looked cooler, else i would use the view with just the crosshair in the middle of the screen and nothing else. made seeing enemies soo much easier.
Maybe its just me, but forcing people into "cockpit only" view is hell of alot better than moving out to outside view on AC. ww2ol and its air game had it right. No outside view. You wanted better situational awareness, then bring along a wingman to look after your blindspots. Outside views are just down right simplistic.
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