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NC Incompetence

So I've been playing the NC for the past week and I'm starting to see a glaring problem. Besides a handful of players most of the NC player base lacks co-ordination.

I think NC population has been suffering for the last few days because of it. There doesn't seem to be any active outfits, Squads seem to only exist so the leader can rack up CEP. As far as teamwork goes it usually involves someone repeatedly begging the NC to attack a base over global with half footzerging the base while the other half gets distracted/ignores everything with a tower fight.

The worst I've seen had to be last night I logged on when the NC was down to one base on Amerish and all they were doing was sitting in the base TK'ing each other and driving around the base with vehicles. Nothing over global and there was one squad with I think one or two people in it and that was it.

However there has been a few instances of coordination and good Squad teamwork I've seen, but it's been from old vets and has been few and far between. Also I've noticed no active NC outfits.
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