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Private and PS1 Packet Capture

Hey PSU.

I finally got around to getting more official towards a PlanetSide emulator project. I'm dubbing it PSForever. It's a bit more accurate to my goals and has less name conflict on Google. The good news is that I scored a great domain, (no content yet). Me and anyone else interested in this project should probably move our discussion over there. I plan on hosting a webserver, forum, wiki, and any other services that we might need, including a game server when it comes to that.

I don't have a good estimate on when the website will actually have content, but for starters I'll host the PS1 GameLauncher and PS1 GameLogger tools.
Speaking of that, the PlanetSide GameLogger is finally ready after way too much time. Sorry about that!

Anyone still playing the game, please take the time to download the capture tool and capture packets as you play. The more packets we capture from different sources, the more likely PlanetSide can still be preserved, even if the servers go down. While running the tool, you can save the capture files to your local disk and hold on to them until I make a way for you to upload them to the PSForever team for inspection.

PS1 GameLogger Release

The capture tool captures all of the important packets, except for login packets, which contain plain text usernames and passwords. It will on the other hand, capture everywhere you go with your character and everything you say and do in game. The tool does not communicate with the network in any way. While capturing, there is an option under 'Edit -> Metadata...' that allows you to talk about the capture file. By providing a good name an description, you help anyone analyzing the capture files. For example, if you got in to a liberator and died, feel free to write that in the description. If you have a long capture session, then I wouldn't worry too much about putting everything in there. Maybe just the highlights, such as what continents you were on.

To use the tool, run it and run a PlanetSide instance. You can use my PS1 launcher or the regular PlanetSide launcher. Once PlanetSide is running, you should see the name and PID popup in the drop down menu. You first hit 'Attach' and then 'Capture' when you are ready. The more packets you capture, the better. If you are trying to capture a specific game feature, such as transferring to a new world, then feel free to make many captures.
If you choose to help, thanks a lot! We should plan to meet up online and try to capture packets with more than 2 or 3 people.

Anyways, too much talking, the PS1 GameLogger tool is attached for download. Here's are some external links as well:

And some screenshots

Remember this tool is beta, so please report any bugs that you find while using the tool and attach the corresponding log files. Let me know if you have any questions
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