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Chord and all involved in this project. You should be aware, that the person king feraligatr has been revealed as the source of most of the hacking in PS1. Ingame he has many alts including v**************, all the czerocool chars, mcyxblueice, and many many others. This account who has posted above brags ingame about how he will be the hacker in PSEMU, that he will have all the power, that he has comprised the project and will own us all when its released. Be aware that you have a disease and infection in the project who only wants to gain inside knowledge so he can hack and destroy your good work.

You should remove this guys, hammer should revoke his forum access as this guy is the largest hacker in PS1 and he has no place in the game or on these forums.

HE will deny it of course, but we have proof of who he is, and what he has done. Feel free to PM me and I will provide a list of other players you can contact to vouch for my info.

King Feraligatr is a hacker, the scourge of our game, the person responsible for using pull hacks in game and destroying the fun of the few players left ingame. He needs to be removed and we need to be sure that PSEMU does not just become a place for him to further hack. Simply put, nobody will use this or take any interest in this project as long as he has any access or is involved in it.
Garet, you're very much dead wrong man. I mean, you're free to believe what you want, but in this case it's wrong. I've got nothing to hide, so I'll be playing that way. It's a shame that the toxicness of the community has reached this all time high, but I hop the emulator takes off for that reason: so we can stop living in fear and trust our fellow players.

I'm sorry you came to this false conclusion. I hackusate all the time, but never hack. I've made it my mission to never scoop the hackers' level. I talk to you with many alts because i just so happen to have a shit ton of them on my two accounts (and I have VERY recent pictures showing all them on Steam. Plus there's the fact that you're getting several people's names wrong and the fact I've played with people like MCYxBlueIce and know that they're good players. You're mistaking me for a ton of people that I'm not. I hope you come around to the truth some day so you stop jumping at shadows.

Here are pictures of ALL my accounts and their alts (taken today):

Yes, I have barcode alts, but they're there so I can talk to hackers and assholes with them putting me on ignore. Barring two characters I've deleted (KingFeraligatrTROptimal and KingFeraligatrTRStealth), these are ALL the alts and accounts I've ever had in this game.

I sincerely hope you get over this so that we don't have to live in paranoia. It's eating away at the community. I hope this emulator changes that so we all live with some peace without fearing hackers around every corner. Chord, keep up the good work so we don't have to deal with what's happening here today. Garet, hope you get over this man. It's unhealthy.
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