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Well King i am sorry but taking a screenshot does not prove anything. You simple dual box or have other steam accounts that you didn't take the screenshots of. I can easily do the same, what you have posted proves nothing.

The hacker characters you played yesterday and pull hacked everybody mentioned things that I had only mentioned to you. Ever heard of a canary trap mate? Well you fell for it.

You were leaked information that had only been leaked 1 person and then these rampant pull hackers started talking about that exact same thing. Now there is a chance that your not them, but you are obviously in cahoots with them passing along information to them. So you are part of the hacker group or are you suggesting they have somehow extracted this information from the ether.?

This character was bragging about how he was going to hack us all in the PSEMU, how he had inside access to everything and would tear it apart. Typical destructive sadistic behaviour that you have exhibited in game, and made mention of several times.

You are trying to play us all for fools, thinking that your far smarter and out witting us all. We know who you are, you took the bail and swallowed it whole, you are either the hackers themselves (far more likely) or you are communicating instantly with these people, so your just as bad. Either way you deserve to be called out for who you really are. A lying deceptive sadistic little boy who takes great pleasure from playing dual personalities and making people believe you are someone you are not. As for the hacking, just stop it, how can wrecking everyone's game be any enjoyment to you?

You exhibit classic split personality behaviour, one day nice and friendly, the next day, a total different person.

Please Chord and the others speak with players such as 1thundernuts1, hmfic, fjh, skeng ingame, they all witnessed it and were send tells etc that show they all came from one person.

Chord, thanks for your reply, I am a developer of 25 years (so old) so understand totally, but you still need to be aware of what's going on.

Just on a side note, have you ever considered pivoting this project into something like a ARMA mod instead.

The code required for a multi-player server is huge, not to mention integration of graphics engines, latency code, back-end management systems, etc, etc.

Using something like ARMA (although less players), could provide a firm framework to then build the PSEMU layer on top of give you a sandbox to play in now, so game mechanics and systems can be worked on, rather than base layers of game functionality.

Just my $0.02 worth
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