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Real Mulambo
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I really cannot understand the VS going on.......and on.......and on.............and on............about the sodding JH and its instagib capabilities.

I would love to shove one up all your arses and triple shot your innards out your whining mouths.

The fucking lasher can take out all the JH men in a corridor while the JH is just pinging the odd pea off you.

We gotta get soooooooooooo close for it to work effectively that you will in the majority of cases be dead seconds later.

Bring on the flame you pussies.

I do think that the TR AA MAX is a bucket of shite though.

The NC Falcon MAX is also about as much use as a walkingstick with a wheel on the end.

I LUV my SPARROW MAX. 1400 of your whining reavers put down to date.

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