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Re: Test Server Update October 23, 2013 4 PM PST: OMFG Patch

So i have spent some time on PTS today.

- Constant crashing? Still there.
- Bug that leads to unplayable stuttering unless i turn on the ingame video recording tool? Still there.
- Stuff takes over one minute+ to render if i drop pod into a fight? Still there.
- Inevitable graphical corruption of the map and UI after some time playing, a sure sign of a following crash? Still there.
- FPS improvements? No idea, PTS is pretty much empty.

Conclusion: Patch does nothing for my system. All the stability / performance related fuckups they introduced back in April, over 6 month ago, are still present. The game is still less playable for me than it was in the later parts of Beta.

Additional realizations:

I visited Hossin myself for the first time. Base design seems awesom, which is in such incredible contrast with some of the base design fuckups on other continents. Framerate is super low even when empty, zero chance it will ever be possible to have a decent FPS fight on Hossin on my PC. But pilots with a rig that gives good FPS and FAST LOADING OF THE TREES will have an awesome time flying low and fast, this is gonna be real good fun for them i think. Plenty of LOS / Lockon breaking trees, flying backwards is super high risk. Might see lots of curving around in fights, as long as you fight below the canopy.

Biolab Spawn change is the bigges Level Design fuckup in the game in a long time. See the other thread.

UI change is horrible. Before, we had life/shield/reload/and so on - bars that were simple, clear, functional, readable, simply GOOD. This stylized shit is the opposite.

Both the Bio Lab spawns and the UI change should never make it to life servers. If this patch gose life as it is now, i am done with this game once and for all. Not because of those particular changes, but because they would be the final prove that SOE is deliberately taking this game in the opposite direction of where i want it to go. There habe been a great number of changes in the past that all point to this: SOE wants to remove everything from the game that seems difficult, challenging, and potentially frustrating for people that seek the fast and easy way, that want instant gratification, that could be called casual. But those challenges, difficult to achieve goals, that require efford, time, dedication, teamwork are what makes this game interesting to me.

I have played this game as often and as long as i possibly could, from Beta to release until today, despite crashing every 10 - 20 minutes since April, this is more than 6 month. Because there is nothing comparable. Because i think it has a gigantic potential. Because i had a tiny bit of hope left that things would get better some day. But things have come to a point where this patch, if introduced as it is on PTS right now, would be the final straw that breaks the camels back. If SOE is going that route, all hope is lost from my perspective. It is only going to get worse, and what i once enjoyed will be taken apart bit by bit.

This patch is a turning point. Make the game significantly better for a lot of people, or fail to deliver once again. Set a path to a new resurgence in players, or to the final decline that can not be stopped anymore.
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