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I like this. This is kind of what I had in-mind. A flying undeployed base with futile automated turrets. When rested on-ground the pilot could select a base-camp type and then reinforce it there-after.

Originally Posted by DviddLeff View Post
Regarding the air titans, perhaps make them purchased only by outfits, using outfit points? And defiantly make them modular; allow an outfit to kit it out with a several air pads to support air cav outfits, or large weapon systems so its use as an artillery base.
Titans; huge floating gunships of ownage purchased with Outfit points - a flying base. Yeah this is what I initially had in-mind but then balance kicked-in. By having these huge behemoths of epic destruction means imbalance, and so by having it as a global event where all Empires simultaneously summon one sounds more appealing. The winner is the titan that survives the other Empires, and thus dominates the continent.
Yeah that'd be great. A huge floating death-machine where it is only summoned after 6+ solid hours of huge populated constant battles on one continent. An event to finally determine the winner of a continent. Sounds freaking awesome!

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