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Re: General Weapon Suggestion Thread

Im surprised this thread didn't receive many replies.

Anyways, here's what I really like about this:
1. The AT Rifles. A glorious idea.
2. A NS Heavy Weapon.
3. A bow primary.
4. Something other than a shotgun for the NC.

What I dont really like:
1. The coupling of abnormally low damage for the VS with a low rate of fire. Makes no sense, its going to have a pathetic damage output even with a moderate rate of fire, why make it unusable?
2. Again, having a ten shot kill gun with only 850 RPM. This gun needs at least 1000 RPM to compensate for that. (even that is low damage output)
3. The AT rifles being overpowered. Same damage as a rocket launcher, but much, much easier to use. Just reduce the damage!
4. Not the most original names (Ranger, Reaper). Also why is TITAN in all caps? Typo?
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