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Re: Questions for Pro7

Originally Posted by SealedSun View Post
I haven't seen these so far:

[*] Will the business model be the same, or could ProSieben decide to charge for more powerful weapons (and go down the pay2win route, like all their other games)?[/LIST]
I'm asking because the official ProSiebenSat.1 FAQ stated

Technically, this could all be sold as "catering to the wishes of the European community" (i.e., "Yes, they totally want to spend money to gain an unfair advantage. Past experiences with our own games have clearly shown that")
This ties in with my previous question actually, could a player from the EU buy 'pay-to-win' items from Pro7, and then play on a US server against 'normal' soe players who can't.
Could they add bfr's ( extreme example) to satisfy a US demand renewed, and the EU pro7 player is denied them on same server yet could still be killed by them.
It's a veritable nest of worms.
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