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the fact that pro7 is forcing eu people to use their services to play a game made by an american company that does shit decently is insulting. any intent on allowing people to not need to use pro7 to log in to any of these games?

if not, why not? why should ANYONE - americans included - trust you? What happens if an american wants to play on an EU server? I don't want ANY of my details in your hands because i want to play with people ive known for a while in their timezone.
I think you under-estimating who they exactly are. First of all in the European Union there is a strict policy on personal data so I am not worried about that.

Secondly they are a multi-million/billion company doing a multi-million deal with a multi-billion company for a multi-million game. If they fuck up they lose quite some money and their shareholders won't be pleased.

Other than that most questions are true concerns, money wise I think you have to hold on 1=1 as it looks better on SoE's books.
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