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Re: Issues with getting subbed to PS

Originally Posted by Goku View Post
You only got core combat? Not aftershock or the original? Core combat is only a expansion. Doesn't give access to the game.
Well i used to bought it and it came with the original ps. and all i did was going to my account then the gamepass info and subbing to was easy because i just did it with back withdrawel automaticly.

but now it doesnt even have ps1 standing their.

i can sub to ps1 but then i have to buy the game again and im not planning to do that.

wish i had my old account lol i know my username just not the pass.and its linked to my dead email adress. and the information soe needs to make it active again i dont have lol.atleast not everything.
Had a damn TR BFR after hours of cavefighting.

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